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I was there for 2 years until Dec 2005 .. I hope I made the most of it.

Thursday, February 10, 2005


It doesn't happen very often but last night my brain actually clicked over and thought of something worthwhile. Usually it gets stuck in a loop arguing with itself about various irrelevant topics.

So last night as I was cooking dinner - a nice stir fry - my brains clicks (or was it a sudden 'pop') and a brilliant idea comes into my head. It was just like in a cartoon. Same thing. Light bulb pops up overhead. My finger goes up and I utter an "Ahhh".

I was thinking over the post I wrote yesterday and about buying myself a bike. Then this idea clicks and I think why don't I help out Knox and his riding club with a bit more of a contribution than just riding with them to Madang. Specifically why don't I use some of my skills and set up a website for the club.

The site could be filled with previous stories from trips, lots of photos, plans for future trips, why they are doing what they are doing and maybe even, if people are so willing inclined, have a Paypal account to get donations.

I know there are about a gazillion of these types of websites out there, trying to raise money for this appeal or that appeal. And I know everyone is currently appealed out due to the big disaster. But still at least one thing will be achieved, there will be a little corner of the Internet devoted to a group of guys from Papua New Guinea, doing their own little bit to help stop the spread of AIDS and the devastation that it is no doubt likely to cause. Papua New Guineans helping Papua New Guineans.

According to some stats I have heard bandied about, in five years AIDS in this country will be as bad as in some African countries. I know I have promised before that I will do a write-up about AIDS in PNG, and I have not forgotten, it is on the list and as soon as I can find some hard facts I will finish it off and share it on here.

But back to the website. I have talked to Knox this morning and he is going to talk to the club executives to see if they approve. According to Knox this should be a formality. He can already see the benefit of it and his initial reaction was "yeah that's a really good idea".

I have also offered to go along to the club meeting (if they have something so formal) and have a chat with the guys and even join up. I guess if I am going to ride to Madang I should become a member of the club.

So there you have it, my brain actually, occasionally has worthwhile ideas. Watch this space for updates. And I will be counting on the regular readers to spread the word about the website, once it is up and running.