An Australian volunteer who was doing whatever volunteers do in PNG.
I was there for 2 years until Dec 2005 .. I hope I made the most of it.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

News Time

I might be doing a 'George Bush on the deck of an aircraft carrier' and calling victory a little prematurely but it seems my efforts at deterring my little nemesis have worked. The mutt is no longer coming and invading my front porch with its presence.

I have not had to hoick a rock at it since I last wrote about the thing. It just seems to have given up and surrendered that my house is now out of bounds. I am gathering that it was either the hacking back, PNG style with my bush knife, of the overgrowth or my persistent glares and stones. Either way I have not had it hanging around, which is particularly satisfying.

The skanky mutt caught 'paparazzi-style' looking particularly happy

In other news John has sent me some links for information about his books. Namely the price (in Aus $) and ISBN number. There is still no way to purchase it on the Internet yet, but what you may be able to do is go to your local bookshop and order it in using the ISBN number. Here are the details for AIDS:My Brothers Story and Mulzi. I am yet to read either myself, but John has told me he will give me a copy (when he gets one to give), and then I will post a review of my impressions.

In other other news no word has come from Knox about the bike club website idea I was so enthusiastic about last month. I saw him this morning but forgot to ask if he has asked the club executives. I suspect though that they are not back in Lae as of yet and are still trying to peddle through swamps on the 'road' from Port Moresby to Alotau.

In other other other news (gee it just keeps going) I am going to Madang at the end of next week. Yay. Will be revisiting Tusbab High School after the visit last year, it is finally time to set up the computers in the lab there. It has only taken them 10 months to get the room ready - fast for PNG. Look forward to an account of the no-doubt exciting trip - I will be driving there and back by myself, that's if the road is open. Two weeks ago it was closed due to a land slide, which makes a change from the usual washed out bridge.