An Australian volunteer who was doing whatever volunteers do in PNG.
I was there for 2 years until Dec 2005 .. I hope I made the most of it.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Registration Time Again

For the last week I have been caught up in that wonderful time of year. Actually .. one of those wonderful times of year. The time when I help man the trenches and write out receipts, until my hand goes numb, to the long line of students wanting to do our courses.

It also is a time when I get to see the fabulous names that Papua New Guinean parents are naming their kids. From my limited experience I think the standard here for flamboyant and different names greatly exceeds other countries. Just from the last week I have seen quite a few that have given me images and flashes of other people. For example, here are ones that I have noted:

Ludwig - A deaf maestro
Woody - Cheers
Bono - Sunday, Bloody, Sunday
Napolean - Megalomaniacal short guy
Herman - Images of a big guy with a sloping forehead
Titus - One of the twin founders of Rome?
Kipling - Jungle book
Cresensia - Not sure about this one
Wondring - Same goes for this one
Sixtus - The other twin that founded Rome?

Of course there are quite a lot of biblical names in the mix (even old testament - Moses, Abraham, Solomon etc), with this being a very Christian country, but on the whole I think there are lot more cool and unusual names than most countries I know of.

Anyway got to get back to it. This is just a short break while the flow has trickled. All of next week is going to be the same. In fact it will be worse with it being the last week to get registered and today being payday Friday.

Arrgg .. actually really need to get outside at the moment .. the paint fumes from the extension work is making me feel sick.