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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Never Argue With An Idiot

A simple question is asked on LP's Thorntree Australiasia: Pacific Islands and Papua New Guinea branch.
stuff to do in Papua New Guinea
Hi all,

I will be in PNG next January, in the Port Moresby area with 4 days to kill. I have no idea yet what I'm going to do! Would anyone have advice on good hiking or places to go?

A couple of good replies get posted - one which states that Port Moresby is a dangerous place and don't stay long if you don't have to - before an idiot called Mississippi1234 pops up.
I agree, don't go near POM....It's the WORST, MOST VIOLENT place you've ever seen (I bet) check the crime stats read WANTOKS (on line) If you have to go be VERY VERY careful,You can't relax Eyes are watching you all the time-sizing you up... Police are corrupt. and it gets worse inland don't be fooled. I have seen a gang of 300-400 starving natives with Bush knives roaming the streets in most cities White Women are trophies. The most gruesome heineous crimes are commonplace, people sell their children and pack-rape is very common but the Law is the most bizzare for this crime GUESS? Go somewhere else ....if you can and GOOD LUCK and GOD BLESS if you can't This country is a war zone but you are unarmed and just MEAT

Hmmm, I don't like Port Moresby much either, though I have only stayed a week there, but "a gang of 300-400 starving natives with Bush knives roaming the streets", what the? I just have to reply to this.
Mississippi1234 I think you are mistaking Port Moresby for perhaps Haiti at it's worst. It is not a particularly pretty or safe place but "a gang of 300-400 starving natives with bush knives" - get real mate.

If it is a war zone, I have been caught up in it for the last year!!!??? Your inflaming comments help no one.

Back in your box goose! But then his comments seemed to have rattled a passerby, called Suertevamos.
Wow, I had been thinking of going to Papua New Guinea...but want to know, is it as dangerous as this thread is making it sound? How safe is it for a white American woman traveling alone?

Before I can respond, old mate pops back on.
suortevamos (sorry) You won't have a chance in PNG and it's not worth it I do not exagerate . The 3-4 hundred youths with knives was in Mt. Hagen and Lae. This country is ready to explode!! No money, no social system , no jobs Average age of Death 49 Robbing and bashing are part of life. Even the OZ police are afraid of "The Raskols" heavily-armed gang in and around POM The Country is being raped by Multi-nationals for Minerals, Oil and Hardwood. Politically, either Indonesia or OZ- puppets will grab the rest of the Island as a base. If you like taking candy from a baby your welcome if not, all your niceties and good-will, empathy and goodwill are wasted. As I always say a beach in the South Pacific is a beach and a Palm a Palm. Go where you're wanted not where your targetted for your $ or Life. Read, research and STAY AWAY YOU ARE NOT WANTED!!

Red rag to a bull time. My response.
mississippi1234 I don't know what agenda you are on, but you are seriously screwing with people's minds by spouting off your rubbish.

PNG is not the safest place in the world, but it is not exactly full-scale waring tribal factions where everybody caught up in the middle is a likely target. And Port Moresby is to be honest a shit-hole, where crime is rife, but this is certainly not indictative of the whole country and anyone who says so is a liar.

After living in Lae for a year I get pestered with the Is PNG Dangerous question a lot, so seeing as I also keep a blog of the experience here, I decided to write up a response so I could point people in that direction the next time I am asked. So if you would like an honest opinion of a non-biased white person living in Lae read this.

He takes aim at me now.
Thank-you As I suspected you are an Australian Ex-Pat, who according to you is a Missionary (nice cover) "doing what Missionaries do" ie. stuck in PNG trying the Eco-Tourist bit or what have you,living in your compound, and Drinking 4X with your "mates". and bemoaning the fact that your Country(PNG) is now gone and "these stupid bastards" want and need the direction of the Great Australia in order to join the world order and you just want the last chance to fleece a few more tourists before the PNG people throw you and your sordid history out , once and for all. Meanwhile, you need your imported Police and undercover operatives to give "your type" enough warning to leave before the Natives eat you alive, so don't give me any crap that you have any other motives than your ancestors had in PNG 50 years ago. I know the history and travails of this poor country and your pitiful "tourist solution" will not bring PNG back from what Australia and others have ruined in your almighty GREED. Simply put, your treatment 200 years ago by England is a sore that you feel can be healed by mistreating the weak and powerless. Your Aboriginal people are almost dead or might as well be so off you go to PNG to pillage ,rob and rape. Any "real" tourist would do their homework, and make their own decision.

Okey dokey, confirmed we have a looney. I can't let this pass, with all that misinformation about me. My response.
mississippi1234 there is an old adage "never argue with an idiot". This sounds a fairly apt approach in your case but I want to clarify a couple of things that you say.

Firstly I am not a missionary. I actually have never been to church in my life. I am a volunteer (big difference dumb arse), who has taken two years out of my life to come up from australia, get paid a local wage and work in a university. It has been my decision to do this, not because of the pay obviously, but because of the experience and for helping others less privledged as me - hands up if you would do that.

Secondly, I don't live in a compound like a lot of the ex-pats here do, I live and work on the university campus, with all the other national and non-national staff.

Frankly I don't know why I am bothering to respond to you because as I said before you are an idiot! You even manage to contradict youself in your little diatribe by saying "you are an Australian Ex-Pat" then "your Country(PNG)".

Stop your nonsensical wisdom on PNG and impart knowledge on things you actually might know about. If there is anything.

That was yesterday morning and there has been no response since. Hopefully whoever let him loose has recaptured him and he is back in a padded cell.