An Australian volunteer who was doing whatever volunteers do in PNG.
I was there for 2 years until Dec 2005 .. I hope I made the most of it.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Rainforest Habitat

Well I am back at work. Isn't it good to see that I am doing something productive again like writing up a post for my weblog? This will only be a short one I promise and then I will get back to it and do all the stuff I need to catch up on, and there is plenty of that.

I mentioned that a volunteer mate, Elissa, was coming in the previous post. Well she eventually showed up. Although that was a bit of stress for both of us. Her plane was an hour an half late and didn't get down to Nadzab until 6:45. Well after dark, which is not a particularly good thing in PNG. Luckily the guys from Bus-a-nova were still waiting for her, as she had a seat booked with their airport shuttle service.

I did some concerned ringing to find out what the story was and to see if she was going to get into town. I had been told other stories, notably from Martin (next-door neighbour), about that particular flight and the lateness of it's arrival. One time Martin's son, flew down late and there was no waiting shuttle service, so he had to get a lift into town with a cop and didn't show up at a stressed Martin's house until after 8. The plane is scheduled to land at 5.05.

The reason she was late in the first place was that her original plane from Goroka, a little single engine thing, had engine troubles after take-off. In a single-engine plane this is not particularly good news. The plane managed to land back at Goroka and another plane came and took the passengers on to Lae.

Anyway ... after that all the drama I took her along to the Rainforest Habitat here on campus yesterday. I have briefly mentioned this in previous posts or as they were when I wrote it e-mails to friends that were converted into posts.

I love the Rainforest Habitat and I love the fact that it is only a short stroll from my place to it. So even though this was the 6th time I had been I wasn't bothered by taking someone new.

It is great to wander through the bird enclosure and have the parrots chase you. Walk into the tree-kangaroo enclosures. Look at 'Agro' the resident croc and watch him watch you. And try and spot the birds of paradises in their overgrown aviaries.

While showing Ellisa around I also got the chance to test out my new digital SLR camera that I purchased, whilst back in Australia. Following are a few examples (I was impressed by the colours of the pics until they got converted into small jpegs for this site).

A Tree Kangaroo having lunch

Long neck turtle

Ellisa and a friendly parrot

Ohh and if you were wondering about my lost bag, it has shown up and I went and collected it this morning all intact - though customs did break off my little lock.