An Australian volunteer who was doing whatever volunteers do in PNG.
I was there for 2 years until Dec 2005 .. I hope I made the most of it.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Tropfest: The Progress

I am heading off to Salamaua this afternoon, via the usual way of banana boat. Last weekend the proposed shoot didn't happen for a variety of reasons, so we decided to postpone it to the next weekend. So that being this weekend we need to get the Salamaua scenes shot otherwise .. well it won't happen.

The scenes we shoot there require the use of a outrigger canoe, so Wendy has been given instructions to organise that with some of the villagers nearby. She also needs to rouse some Mangis (boys) for one of the scenes where they come splashing into the water. The costumes that I got mum to send me for the mangis in that scene are those white painting suits with a hood you can get from a hardware store, it should look good to see a dark face pearing out.

The Director and a canoe. Taken on my last trip to Salamaua

Our main star Roger is coming over on Saturday afternoon, it just so happens that this weekend also coincides with a big piss-up over at the ex-pat houses in Salamaua. One of the Australian army guys from the barracks here is having a "go finish". I have no idea who it is, but Roger knows him.

The shoot will therefore take place on Sunday. Hopefully Roger will be coherent enough when the time comes. It shouldn't be particulary stressful, and it won't hurt him if he is a bit hung-over, as he is being washed up onto a beach after floating in the sea for a period of time.

On Monday night when Wendy and me went around to Rogers to discuss the schedule we were treated to a tape of all the scenes that he has been an extra in from various shows. There were a few from the "X-Files", a couple from the "Commish", some from other shows and one from that awful movie "Look who's talking 3". It was a laugh to get the background info on how these extras get paid, get directed etc. I will take more interest in them next time I watch a show.

Not sure when I am going to make it back. It will probably be either Sunday afternoon on an ex-pats boat, or bright and early on Monday morning with the rest of the plebs in a banana boat.

The weekend after, Wendy is coming back and this time we definitely have to shoot the Lae scenes. It will be the only time that we will get to do it. I will be gone on the following Tuesday and W cannot come back for a couple of weeks later and by then it will start to clash with the Christmas rush.

So fingers crossed hopefully we can get it sorted. Stay tuned ... again ...