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I was there for 2 years until Dec 2005 .. I hope I made the most of it.

Monday, November 08, 2004

A War Wages

Seeing as my weekend was not filled with any adventures or misadventures, I figure it is time I highlight a war that is being waged every day here.

It is a battle between the forces of good (me) and evil. The evil side has multitudes of minions pitifully throwing themselves into the front line time and time again, only to be swept back (literally) again and again.

There seems to be no end to the evil hoard, as they continually scout, looking for weakness and then pouncing with tremendous fury. Circling and swarming within minutes. Dragging back from whence they came with all they can scurry off with.

I am of course talking (rather dramatically) about the Ants that are invading my kitchen. Eternally looking for anything that I forget to wipe up after making some kind of meal. And because of my habits in food preparation, tend to be the make, eat and forget style, when I wander back into the kitchen an hour, half an hour or even 15 minutes later, there is bound to be a swarm.

My little evil friends seem to have certain preferences it seems. Their intake could almost pass off as to what your average American would desire. Sugar is up on the list, veggies get bypassed. They love the fats, margarine and peanut butter left on a knife is a gold mine. And boy do they love their meat. Chicken scraps, fish bits, steak bones, it will make them literally come out of the walls.

After I had got back home after the big birthday/David's go finish party, it seems that they had discovered the bag full of crab shells, which Jonica had kindly brought (not just shells mind, but whole cooked chilli crabs - very nice). There was a thick brown line running from the crab shells plastic bag, left delightfully hanging from a cupboard handle, creeping off to their little hole where they make their pillage runs from.

The ants are loving the crab leftovers

When I discovered this I was in no state to contemplate charging into the fray, so I just left it with a "bugger they have won this battle" attitude and climbed into bed.

Even though I continually wipe them up and wash them down the sink, it seems like there is a never ending supply coming from somewhere. But where? I have checked outside and I found a nest under a rock lining my garden. I got all Arnold on that and terminated them. No difference. So now I figured there must be a nest somewhere else. After some more tracking of their lines I discovered that they actually are nesting inside the brick walls.

It seems what this needs is a full on pest exterminator. Which just may be on the cards if I can't figure out some other solution first. The Ant-Rid has been bought and utilised but they just lapped the stuff up, and came back for more. Not exactly my idea of ridding them. Next option is buying some of those marking lines that you draw on the wall over their lines. Once they reach it apparently they don't like to cross it. Well according to how it works for cockroaches anyway. 

Of course I could just go with my existing practice and just live and put up with it. I have managed to survive for past 9 months, maybe I can cope for a bit longer.