An Australian volunteer who was doing whatever volunteers do in PNG.
I was there for 2 years until Dec 2005 .. I hope I made the most of it.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Simple Things Amuse ...

Yesterday I got to do something that I have missed. Something that I have not done for close to a year. Something that used to be quintessentially Sunday morning for me. Perhaps it might sound familiar.

It was to lie on a lounge. Stare at mind-numbing shows on a TV. Point remote and flick when desired. Brilliant. Ahh the simple things.

Upon moving into my new and I must say great house here on the campus, I was disappointed to learn that I was missing a very important piece of furniture. A lounge. I inherited plenty of easy chairs (a sort of omni-present PNG style, perhaps south pacific, type of chair) the type where you can comfortably sit, put your feet up and read a book, but impossible to come close to completely horizontal because of the very solid arms.

So yesterday morning was bliss, pity that at the time I felt like utter crap.

I had just had a big night out in town. Which ended with me sleeping on Alex and Jonika's lounge. Upon waking up around 10 it was quite easy to reach and grab the remote and begin a day of veg. Other Zombies joined me, ones that I vaguely remember drinking with the night before and the zoning out continued.

It was broken by the need of some for fuel. This involved a short trip down to the local supermarket to get some fudd, and then back to fry it up. Unfortunately my stomach was in no mood to be social to what I was forcing it to talk to, so most of my plate just sat, went cold and felt sorry for itself.

The best thing about this though was not that I was feeling sick was that I was back to living a close to normal city life. Living out at the Uni, with no TV, no lounge and no local shop, I don't get to experience any of these wonderful civilised things. I try to compensate on Sundays by buying bacon and eggs and frying up myself, washed down by orange juice, but it is just not the same if you don't have a lounge and TV to veg out in front of afterwards.

Sad I know. Perhaps I need a holiday. Somewhere where I will get to experience all this on a regular basis and more. The more being the fact that there I can wander not just to local shop but to a local café and get someone else to fry me up some grease. Luckily one is on the way and sooner than I expected as well.

The boss rang me up last week at home and told me that he wants to send me off to a conference in Brisbane, no problem I said, when? 1st, 2nd and 3rd of December. A quite Wayhay! was thought. He then proceeded to explain the details, which I did not really take in. I was too busy thinking about what I could do with an extra 2 weeks in Oz. Maybe go for a bushwalk. Hmmm the possibilities.

Anyway I will end with some tips to people contemplating on coming to PNG. You will know that you have been away for too long when:

- You start writing about lounges
- Going to the local shop and buying a litre of milk seems like a great thing to do
- You pine for a café of any sort even a "greasy spoon"