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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Soap-Box e-mail System

I have mentioned before how the Uni e-mail gets used for quite a bit of preaching and spouting off of various thoughts and ideologies but I did not include any examples. So after receiving one particularly good e-mail this morning I thought I would share it.

I have left it completely unaltered and in its original glory, so you can make up your own mind.

In 1992, there was a Samoan AOG World Conference held in New Zealand. The Late Evangelists Pastor Barry Smith prophecied that once BUSH became the president of USA there will be a great WAR. (it happened & its still on til this very moment)

Then Barry Smith also mentioned that if BUSH became president again, the next 4yrs (which is now) will be the time of the REVELATION. He also went onto details that within the 4yrs as of 2day, 1 day soon everything that is written in the word (BIBLE) will be revealed. All water supplies will turn into blood, The 666 (MONDEX) is already being used now as we speak & it can only be inserted in ya forhead & hand - its a size of the rice grain & its called the MONDEX it will soon take over all cash & ATM cards, there will be 1 currency (which is the EURO), then there will 1 leader who will be known as the president or prime minister or ruler europe etc.

Now, How did BARRY SMITH know that this was going to happen back in 1992??... The answer is simple, GOD spoke through him & told him to spread the word... & he did faithfully.

I know we hear it all the time (ENDLESSLY) that JESUS will be coming soon, but when POE mentioned BARRY SMITHs prophecy last sunday about BUSH becoming the president of USA again, there will be great sufferrings & more wars ahead of us within the 4yrs that we are living in NOW. I dont know how ya feel'n after reading this email.... but it is time for us as individuals to get all this msg out to all our un-saved family & friends before its too late.

This morning my mother was sharing with me about BS prophecy back in 1992 & now that BUSH has been reaveled president of USA again, it has really got me think'n about all my un-saved family & friends out there whom i really want to get this msg out too. If i can get this msg out like this, then so be it.

Anywayz i hope ya'll take this msg seriously & think about all those close to ya heart that you can save by letting them seeing CHRIST through you. i hope ya'll have an awesome day, may this msg save you're heart n soul through the power of CHRIST & at the same time be a blessing.
My first thoughts were "can't people use a spellchecker!".

As to the Mondex thing well I received the Powerpoint slideshow for that back in March with the comment "666 technology is here" in the e-mail. According to the e-mail Mondex are a company, owned by Mastercard, that are developing new technology which will enable you to make cash transactions via a chip implanted in your hand. Apparantley the right hand or forehead are the best places to put it. Well this certainly caused a stink with some Christians, because according to the Bible:
He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Revelation 13: 16, 17
Interestingly now if you attempt to go to you will get the following message.
This Page is no longer active. You will be redirected to in 10 seconds.
When I did this back in March a full website appeared. Obviously Mastercard have decided to do a bit of rebranding and remarketing now after the heat they have been getting from the "devil technolgy" e-mails circulating.