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Wednesday, April 13, 2005


I keep harping on about this Tropfest caper. I am not sure why. I get easily excited I suppose. The e-mail invites I sent out though are a pure example of what happens when you have too much time on your hands.

It is that time of year again. The time when PNG's greatest cinematic event takes place. A time of comfy chairs, good wine, great company and 16 short films. It is of course this years Lae Tropfest festival.

This years festival will be very special event indeed as it will not only feature the 16 Tropfest finalists but also include the world premiere of All and Nothing - a story of one man's escape from modernity only to be trapped in primordial stagnation. Written and directed by our very own recently departed creativity oozing friend, Wendy, and staring none other than extra-extraordinaire turned A-list mega-star Roger.

Tropfest 2004, The Living Room, Lae

Tropfest 2005
So what is Tropfest? For the uninitiated it is a short-film festival where each year a call goes out to the best short-filmmakers in the world. They are invited to make and submit a short film to the festival with the requirements specifically including:
  • Each film must be made specifically for Tropfest
  • Tropfest must be your film's first public screening
  • Each film must be no longer than seven minutes
  • Each film must contain the loosely interpreted Tropfest Signature Item. This year being Umbrella

From all the entries received (792 this year) 16 finalists will be selected. These will be the ones shown on the Lae Tropfest 2005 night.

There are other screening sites around - some reputably gaining more than 100,000 spectators - but none will be matching the uniqueness of Unitech Lae.

The latest technology will be again be on display including a personal computer, stereophonic speakers, a multimedia projector and a suspended screen.

Take your seats and enjoy

Not too sad I hope?

The finished e-mail actually looked a lot classier than this with some tweaked HTML and funky orange borders around the images - to make it look like the genuine web site. But it is not compatible to reproduce it in it's full glory here on this blog. My Styles completely screw it up. You get the idea though.