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I was there for 2 years until Dec 2005 .. I hope I made the most of it.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Wrong Numbers

What is it with this country in dialling a phone number? Is it that people just randomly punch in numbers in the hope that they will get where they want? I am a little bit shitty at the moment after being woken up at 6 by yet another wrong number - someone asking for the Army barracks. And it is not the first time. In fact I think I have received more wrong numbers after being in this country than collectively in the rest of my lifetime.

It is not just me who gets wrong number calls either. Everyone I know says that get more than their fair share. And it is not because I have a cool home phone number with quite a lot of 5's in it, my mobile gets rung and I receive them at the office too.

Perhaps the reason is because there are less phone numbers here - the phone book for the entire country is about an inch thick - and therefore it is easier dial the wrong one. Also there are less digits needed to dial, a total of seven will get you to any phone in the country. Whatever the reason it is a bit of pain in the arse.

It is not just trying to talk to people that is the problem either. Last year after they brought in SMS for the mobile network, I proceeded to get text messages from someone asking for Ignoshu. When I replied multiple times that they had the wrong number they didn't believe me and kept bombarding with about 30 text messages of a love serenade. It was flattering but for someone else. Eventually I sent a text message saying "YOU HAVE THE WRONG NUMBER. FIND OUT THE RIGHT NUMBER AND LEAVE THIS ONE ALONE!". I got a phone call not long after and when I answered there was just breathing and then a hang up. She got the message and hasn't tried again.