An Australian volunteer who was doing whatever volunteers do in PNG.
I was there for 2 years until Dec 2005 .. I hope I made the most of it.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Some people love me. Either that or I am blessed.

Just as I was about to head off to make a mid morning cup of tea. Wishing that I had something nice to go with it. Along comes a package.

Some people love me!

Inside a collection of chocies from England which "makes the best chocolate in the world, um, compared to Australia ...". Hard to disagree with when you are scoffing it down. Unfortunately it is not melt or squash resistant .. not that it matters to it's taste now.

p.s. If more people want to send me chocies .. please do:

Tech Officer,
DODL, Unitech,
Private Mail Bag,
Lae, Papua New Guinea.