An Australian volunteer who was doing whatever volunteers do in PNG.
I was there for 2 years until Dec 2005 .. I hope I made the most of it.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Cut-Throat or Die

I hate shaving. Just really loathe it. Some people enjoy it, but not me. Not because of the look or the time it takes, but because well every time after I do it, my skin seems to go on revolt. So when my trusty beard trimmer died the other day, it was either grow a beard or revert back to the blade and let my skin scream.

My beard trimmer and I have been through a lot together. Aside from keeping the ol' stubbly look happening, it has also helped cut my hair while on the road (flashbacks of Moscow September 2002, sitting in a hotel room, towel around the shoulders, the ex with device in hand and a ... well unexpected result). I picked it up for a bit of a bargain in Argos 4 years ago, and has worked faithfully since then, until now.

(Argos if you don't know is a weird shop in the UK. Weird because well you walk into an empty-ish shop, go over to some catalogues on benches against the wall. Grab a pencil and paper. Write down the code for the item you want and then pay for it at the till. The till girl gives you a number and you wait until it is lit up on a big board and then your item comes down a chute from the large warehouse behind the shop front.)

So after the long time together I was disappointed to discover it not doing anything at all the other morning. In true "technician" style I did pull it apart, checking all the different components, but still could not make it work. So this morning unfortunately I had to revert back to the blade lest I start looking a bit too scraggly (which I was).

Sometimes after about six months of stubble I think what the heck and attempt the shave again. The last time just happened to be in a Indonesian barber shop. If you want an unpleasant experience, you would be hard pressed going past this; Next to no shaving cream. A very sharp cut-throat razor blade scrapping across your face and neck. Getting nicked. Feeling the sting when barber continually rubs balm into the nick to stop the blood. And then at the end discovering that he missed patches anyway. Then again what do you expect for 3,000 Rupiah (US 30 cents).

I will save my money next time and spend it on a new beard trimmer.