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Friday, June 10, 2005

Clip-Clop Security

Reading todays Post-Courier I was reminded how last Saturday morning I was sitting at home minding my own business - in boxer shorts with a cup of tea pondering life's questions (I was reading that Bill Bryson book and it throws a few at you) - when suddenly I heard a noise coming from outside the window. "I know that sound" methinks, "what the hell is it doing here?". Looking out the window and fair enough there was a horse and rider clip-clopping along my street.

The noise of the hooves was almost drowned out by the wave of angry barking that followed it, emitted from the various mangy dogs that reside along my cul-de-sac (I have said before but I will say again - someone needs to put half of these creatures down). It seems the mongrels are not yet used to the sight of seeing something with four legs and a lot bigger than they are roaming through their patch. Someone once told me that dogs don't have a sense of "size" in relation to other dogs, I guess this includes monstrous dog-like horses as well.

I guessed at the time that it was a new part of the security service and it now looks like this is the case. There are three of these horses currently assigned to roam around the fences and make sure everything is hunky-dory. My only questions are where these beasts being stabled and are the riders same as those that usually work on the big cattle farms up the Markham valley, the ones that show off at the Morobe Agricultural Show.

I like the idea (even if the dogs don't), the campus is a hefty area and any way to get around quickly along the rough fence line is a good idea to me. Let's see how long it lasts.

* Update *

I was told a little story regarding these new horse-top guards. Apparently during the week one of them was chasing a group of boys in the back blocks of the campus. The boys hurdled a barret (storm-water ditch), the chasing horseman didn't see the ditch, the horse did, at the last minute. The guard managed to clear the ditch without the horse and is now in the haus sik with back injuries.

Obviously the boys thought it hilarious and returned to taunt the prone guard by chanting "Kuima, Kuima, Kuima" (the security guard company's name).