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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

What Makes The Front Page

I have noticed a trend in PNG's biggest selling newspaper, The Post Courier, for what appears on it's front page. If it has anything to do with an unusual baby being born, you can guarantee it will make it.

It all kicked off less than two months ago with the infamous 'the snakeheaded baby'. This was first reported on the 18th of March with the headline "Baby born with head like a 'snake'". The photo though did not make the front page until the 11th of April.

Mum obviously changed her position from "I don't want my baby splashed across the front page" to "ohh, that cheque looks nice" and we got the following pic on the 11th of April.

Then a few days after the front page pic of the snakehead bub, another baby pic made the front page. This time it was the 'two headed baby' on the 13th of April. The poor little thing was born with a large growth on the back of it's head. There is an appeal for someone to remove it, I can't remember what the latest is on this now though.

And now today there is another front pager of conjoined twins born in Buka.

If someone can tell me why PNG is starting to have all these unusual birth defects I would be happy. I hope it is not a normal rate. Perhaps the French have resumed secret nuclear testing, close to PNG.

Whatever the reason the Post Courier seems sure of one thing, front cover pics of unusual babies sell newspapers.

*update* - some of the ideas in this post were loosely conceived already on another blog. Mainly here on the 22nd of March, but also mentioned here on the 12th of April.