An Australian volunteer who was doing whatever volunteers do in PNG.
I was there for 2 years until Dec 2005 .. I hope I made the most of it.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Operation Cross Border Foray: Complete

Back home after the best two week holiday I have ever had. Came back with hundreds of photos and thousands of memories. The latter I will try to transform into some words later and post up on the blog, but the former I will indulge, as is my usual habit after being away awhile, and share a select few.

So here you go.

Saw a sight not seen for a while. Those Twister things are too skinny.

These big-arse fish were pulled up at the fish market just as I was aimlessly wandering around it (again).

Got to visit perfect beaches where no foreigners go - or not many at least, and I saw the foriegn tourist guest book ... slim indeed.

Made creative use of a bathroom washing scoop and ice to chill the important amber fluid.

Back over the border proved to be easy. PNG immigration seemed non-plussed though to see us again. Mr Customs/Immigration asked me what was in my backpack - really tempted to say drugs, guns and porn, but left it at clothes and sleeping bag. [Selamat Jalan = Goodbye].

Discovered what happens to a pawpaw when you leave it on a kitchen bench in the tropics for two weeks. Mask needed for removal.

And finally at the end of it all discover that I am going to be an uncle for the first time in the new year. Yay .. very cool.