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Friday, August 13, 2004

Peak Bagging

Since going up to the top of Mount Wilhelm, the idea of bagging more of Papua New Guinea's peaks has suddenly become an attractive prospect. With the aid of the Wantoks Communication site and the Peak Bagger site I have made a list of the peaks in PNG over 4000m. I also tried to use Lonely Planet's "Bushwalking in Papua New Guinea" but found that the list it had at the begining was just too unrealiable (well it was written in 1983).

To my surprise there is more mountains above 4000m than I thought. The list below is what I have come up with:

1 - Mount Wilhelm - 4509m - Bizmarck Range
2 - Mount Giluwe - 4368m - New Guinea Central Highlands
3 - Unnamed peak - 4254m - New Guinea Central Highlands
4 - Unnamed peak - 4175m - Finisterre Range
5 - Mount Ignutam - 4146m - Bizmarck Range
6 - Mount Sarawaket - 4121m - Sarawaket Range
7 - Mount Kabangama - 4104m - New Guinea Central Highlands
8 - Mount Victoria - 4036m - Owen Stanleys Range
9 - Mount Capella - 4015m - Star Mountains
10 - Mount Bangeta - 4005m - Sarawaket Range

You will note that a couple of them are not named which seems very odd considering they are 3rd and 4th on the list. The 4th highest for me seems the easiest to do next. It is located close to the Finisterre village of Teptep which has scheduled flights with MAF from Nadzab every Wednesday. There is a guest house there and by my accounts on the topographical map of the area it is only 20km to the peak. You could pack a tent, a sleeping bag and thermarest and probably do it over a couple of days.

I have already suggested it to George and I will just have to see if anyone else is interested. Who knows we might be the first people to ever scale it. Perhaps they will then let us name it?